Siłownia Wrocław


Best Gym

in Wrocław

This is a unique place created with you in mind. The success of the club consists of dozens of people who give their 100% every day, for whom your satisfaction is most important, and work is their passion.

There is nothing more important than health and great mood. We meet the expectations of our club members. We offer professional services, putting quality and reliability in the first place!!!

Train with the best

We employ qualified staff who are passionate about sports and a healthy lifestyle. We focus on understanding the needs of the club member.

We offer Personal Trainings and a modern functional training area.

  • We inspire to action
  • We help and motivate you to achieve your goals
  • Well-equipped training areas
  • New generation equipment
  • Over 1300m2 of surface area
  • Free parking ( 3 hours )

6 independent training zones


The first zone in our gym. Area for those who want to work on strength and flexibility of the whole body. Completely equipped with mats, ladders, weights. Most club members begin and end their training in this zone. Use this place to prevent injuries.


A strong body helps you cope with all the challenges in everyday life. In this section you will find equipment that makes you strong, but most importantly improves your balance, flexibility and coordination. Be creative and ask yourself: what does my body need today?


High-end exercise equipment - challenge your muscles. This gym contains a large variety of strength machines suitable for every muscle group. Train your biceps, triceps and much more. It's time to get sweaty.

Karnet na siłownie Wrocław


Feel the speed and raise your pulse. Treadmill, orbiter, or maybe a rowing machine? No matter what you choose, our machines will help you get the best warm-up.

Karnet na siłownie Wrocław


Light and heavy, big and small. We offer a large selection of free weights, from kettlebells to dumbbells and barbells. Use what you like, your workout is up to you.


In RIO TOP GYM in addition to an extensive functional training area, aerobic equipment area and gym, you will find rooms for martial arts classes, wrestling mats and a full-size octagon

Siłownia Wrocław
Siłownia Wrocław